Ariel CarMichael Wilson

Computer Scientist and Central Banker

" The only way to predict the Future ... is to create it."

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'Cheyko World'

I am a Computer Scientist; specializing in Web Applications Development. Since I have aquired this passion for development, I have continued to learned various programming languages, paradigms and frameworks each having there distinct benefits hence I do not limit myself in the field. I always look forward to challenges which gives me the imputus to use my problem solving skills to come up the ideal software solution. I also love sports; all kinds and popular culture.

My Interests

I have many interests from Sports to Technology to History and I am also into Movies and Music. I follow the Entertainment Industry and the Sports World extensively.

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My Accolades

I do not boast many accolades but the few which were given to me were greatly cherished. I will continue to strive for excellence as greatness will always be rewarded.

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The Mission

Family; Wife & Kids, Real Estate, Automobile Assets, Prized Possessions, A Farm and A Factory are some of the things that I envision myself of having in the not too distant Future.

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Me standing infront of Noel Nethersole Statue.
My visit to the iconic Empire State building.
My Trip to the American Musuem of Natural History.
Picture infront of White House in USA.
Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge
Washington Dc, USA.